Womens Running 10k Race Series


The Women’s Running 10K Race Series provides race events solely for female runners of all abilities, to run together in a fun, friendly and supportive environment, in order to help you achieve your running goals.

Last year we saw thousands of women join us across 10 locations around the UK to participate in our fast-growing Women’s Running 10K Race Series, and we are hoping to see you at one of our 2016 WR10K race events!  This year will be our fourth running of the series and we are excited to see its numbers continuing to grow.

We know 10K isn’t for everyone so we have partnered with This Girl Can - Sports England’s latest initiative - to provide you with a 5K race option, allowing all abilities to participate and celebrate active women, so whether you're new to running or a running pro, we have a race option for you.

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